Week In Retrospect - Monday 31. May

Posted by AP on 31/05/10

It's time for the weekly update again, and yours truly is back after a lengthy period of idleness brought forth by my dissertation, final exams and other such distractions. However, as of nine days from now I will return to Denmark for good, thus leaving behind the beloved Southampton music scene and once again strengthening our ranks in Denmark. United Kingdom, you will be missed for your pub culture and gig opportunities, but even better things await in the promised land! Enough with the babbling though, check out the news archive to discover the goings on of the past week and remember to join our facebook page too if you haven't already. Oh, and some of you may have noticed that we still haven't been able to bring you the new design as promised, but rest assured, a solution has been found as NB and myself will strive to finish it this summer.

Gig Reviews:

Cold Cave @ Rust, Copenhagen

Emarosa @ Joiners, Southampton

Snow Patrol @ KB Hallen, Copenhagen

Album of the week:

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis [9]

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Deadline - Bring The House Down [7]

16 - Drop Out (Reissue) [7½]

Eye For An Eye - Downfall [3]

RQTN - Decades And Decisions [5]

Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise [8]

Our Last Night - We Will All Evolve [8]

Kneipenterroristen - Wir Fahr'n Ans Kap [5½]

Abrogation - Sarggeburt [6½]

Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall of Icons [7½]

Bleed From Within - Empire [8]

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis [9]

War Of Ages - Eternal [6½]

Black Tusk - Taste The Sin [8½]

Reno - Reno EP [7]

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - Reinterpreting Black Flag [6]

16 - The Curves That Kick (Reissue) [6½]

Stigma - Concerto For The Undead [8]

Traktor - Where Water Goes EP [6½]

Hanalei - One Big Night [7]

Blaze Bayley - Promise And Terror [7½]

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