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Posted by PP on 27/05/10

Scarred By Beauty have some news to share:

First of all thanks to all of you who showed up at the shows on our DK tour, making it one for the books! We had a blast and sincerely hope that you enjoyed the shows as much as we did.

We are very happy to announce that we have booked studio time at Hansen Studios to record our first full-length album. We are entering the studios from July 27th until the 6th of August. We are almost done writing material and we are very pleased with the way the new songs are coming together. Stay tuned for more info, we will of course do studio blogs and videos.

After almost a year of good times with Martin as bass player in SBB, we've decided to part ways with Martin. The mutual decision comes from Martin's wish to have more time for his main band Vira. We totally respect and understand the fact that he needs more time for Vira, as they are starting to stir again. It's been a good run, and it's not quite over yet. Martin will drop his bass lines until the end of the summer, so there will be NO cancellations or postponements from our behalf. The album will still be recorded this summer, and we will play all the shows that are booked.

We wish Martin all the best with our long times friends and brothers in Vira - One love

That being said, we naturally need a replacement on the bass. Unfortunately we haven't been able to find a suitable replacement...

So if you play the bass, have mad skills on four strings (five maybe) and you want to play in a committed and dedicated band please let us know! We need a fifth element who is ready for touring and have the time for SBB as main project. Musical background and experience is not an issue. We would prefer to find someone at our own age (20-25). And if you have live experience it would help, but it is not required.

If you are our guy/girl and want to try out for scarred by beauty write us an email and let us know.

One Love

Scarred by Beauty

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