The cheaper alternative

Posted by TL on 26/05/10

For those who - like me - are too poor at the moment to afford Copenhell tickets, maybe it's worth noting that some of the local bands we here at Rockfreaks have shown the most appreciation for, are playing together on June 11th. The line-up consists of Paper Tigers, Stars Burn Stripes, Vola, Stream City and Siamese Fighting Fish, and the show will take place at The Rock, Copenhagen, likely being some six times cheaper than Copenhell.

On June 12th you might want to treat yourself to some punk at Lades Kaelder, where The 20 Belows will be playing together with the Canadian Roman Line and local boys The Respirators. Price for this shindig is 50 DKK, 12 times cheaper than Copenhell.

Rest assured though - AP, PP and Lykke will provide coverage and photos of Copenhell on both days.

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