Puto Diablo breaks up

Posted by PP on 02/05/10

Danish screamo/hip hop band Puto Diablo have called it a day:

We have been thinking about this for quite some time now, and the time has come where we are shutting down the band Puto Diablo. It’s not an easy decision to stop a beautiful thing that has been going on for 10 years non stop now. But sometimes there’s just not enough energy and passion back to keep good things alive. We had some great times with PD over the 10 years, and we would like to thank everybody who ever showed up at a concert, rocked out on the dancefloor, picked up one of our cd’s or t-shirts, or if you ever took the time to listen to one of our songs; THANK YOU!!!! We would also like to thank all the great bands we shared the stage with over the years, and had some great motherfucking times backstage, good riddance to all of you. ....

Sometimes you have to burn things down for new things to grow, and from the ashes of destruction new things will rise…. Watch out for phoenix….

See you all – Puto Diablo

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