Week In Retrospect - Sunday 11. April

Posted by EW on 12/04/10

Ok then, how about a collection of albums that fall just a little short of being great yet are all admirable listens in their own right? Well that's what we present for you this week. From pop-punk, stoner through to death metal and two of black metal's most revered (and controversial) names, it's all here for you. The review queue in the back office has never been bigger so expect to see plenty more coming your way soon. The week's biggest news can be found in the archive and be sure to join our facebook page too. You know you reheheeeally want to.

Gig Reviews:

Psy:Code @ Råhuset, Copenhagen


The 20Belows

Albums of the week:

Four Year Strong - Enemy Of The World

Since Yesterday - The Artificial Truth

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Obscura - Retribution (Reissue) [7½]

A Hole Inside - Steps We Have To Follow [6½]

Four Year Strong - Enemy Of The World [8½]

Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel [7]

Goldust - Destroyer | Borderlines [6½]

Sedated Angel - Far Beyond Repair [5]

Burzum - Belus [7]

Darkthrone - Circle The Wagons [7½]

Avosetta - Of Our Lives [7½]

Divinity - The Singularity [7½]

King Sigh - Entering [8]

Divided Multitude - Guardian Angel [7]

Lighten Up - Absolutely Not [7]

Since Yesterday - The Artificial Truth [8½]

The Empire Shall Fall - Awaken [7]

At The Soundawn - Shifting [7½]

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