Burden Of A Day schedule final show ever

Posted by TL on 15/03/10

Burden Of A Day have recorded their third album, but before they release it, they will play some final shows, close down the band, change no members at all and then take on a new name. Word's from the horse's own myspace blog below:

We have just posted the dates for two home shows and yes they will in fact be the two last BOAD shows. But this is not the end...seriously...kinda. Burden has been hard at work on making another album almost immediately after oneonethousand hit shelves. From album to album BOAD has stylistically grown, superseding efforts each time. With those efforts comes risk. And now we are taking a risk that we never have before. We are so proud of the new CD we are writing and are confident in its ability to take the band places we have all never been. With that being said, we want to give it a fair chance with a fresh start. NO members are leaving, NO break up is happening, but everything is changing. The members of Burden are more passionate about making movement with their music than ever. and that is simply what we are doing. A NEW band is coming, one that we know no one will expect, no one can avoid, and wont disappoint. Burden Of A Day was the shell that was growing what we have now; we are so excited and know our strong BOAD fans will understand the jump when they hear it. When it is ready, the name and the sound will be revealed here...and that will be sooner than you might imagine.

Now as for the upcoming shows...it will be like no other BOAD show. Expect to hear over a dozen songs spanning three ALBUMS, and expect to see an old face or two join us on stage for the set and yes, it's most likely who you are getting gitty over. It will be the most emotional, exciting, fun, and loving show we have put on. So come out and

make these shows as special as they are. We love you all, and everything we do is for you.

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