Week in Retrospect - Sunday 28. February

Posted by EW on 02/03/10

Look what happens when I go and get myself a full-time job; last weeks' retrospective view had to cover 2 weeks and this one is arriving a day later than usual. Not wanting to waste time that could be spent on reviewing a backlog of albums I'll leave you all to make what you want of the albums and gigs reviewed below which, as usual, includes a wide variety of styles and marks for your perusal. This weeks' news is in the archive and don't forget to sign up with our facebook page as well.

Gig Reviews:

Stars Burn Stripes @ Copenhagen

Motjiva @ Copenhagen

Albums of the week:

Fair - Disappearing World

Overkill - Ironbound

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Story Of The Year - The Constant [6]

Mia Hope - We Are Just Satellites [7]

Fair - Disappearing World [9]

Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring [7½]

Billy Boy In Poison - Perdition EP [7]

Ten City Nation - At The Still Point [6½]

Useless Education - Journey Into The Unknown EP [7]

Armour - Armour [8½]

Overkill - Ironbound [9]

Catamenia - Cavalcade [7]

The Thermals - Now We Can See [8]

Wayne - The Moon Effect [7]

Angels & Airwaves - Love [6½]

Chaser - The Big Picture [5½]

Fuckface - Fuckface [3]

Jon Oliva's Pain - Festival [7]

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