Target Label Nights - new music initiative during Easter

Posted by PP on 28/02/10

Target Distribution, which is an umbrella company for a few labels like Target Records, Tactic Records and Mighty Music, and also the booking agency Target Booking, is planning to host a label night during easter at the new live venue Råhuset (Onkel Dannys Plads 7), Vesterbro, Copenhagen. The arrangement will take place over three days, where each day is reserved for one of the labels only.

The program looks as follows:

Thursday 1 April - metal - Mighty Music:

21:00 Ripe

21:50 Anoxia

22:40 Boil

23:30 Psy:code

Friday 2 April - rock / pop - Tactic Records:

21:00 Neon Girls

22:00 My Evil Twin

23:00 The Bronson Brothers

Saturday 3 April - rock'n'roll - Target Records:

21:00 Bullet Train Blast

22:00 The New Heartaches

23:00 Oliver Weers

24:00 Stella Blackrose

Tickets cost just 50 DKK, and between 20 and 21:00, beer is free.

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