Dance Gavin Dance drama results in a member change

Posted by BL on 23/02/10

It seems that guitarist Zachary Garren has been kicked out of Dance Gavin Dance for personal drama between himself and the other band guitarist Will Swan. While there is no official announcement there is plenty to read about on the band's lastfm page where Zach often posts.

Some recent things he has said:

i just wanted to fill you in on something funny tim, the bassist, told me today. apparently will can't play my intro to tree village, so they have to play it on an ipod over the speakers. my mind just exploded.

why am i supposed to care? isn't that the point? will went from being one of my best friends (or so i thought?) to completely changing his personality, not hanging out with us, not even seeming to caring about the band anymore, then kicks me out for saying he cares more about his girlfriend than he does the band (which, his actions prove my statement, which is exactly what kurt said). i dont give a shit about wills "name," he isn't a good person. he hasnt been for a while now and it's really sad to see. all he cares about is himself and his girlfriend. not a damn thing else.

Zach has a new project called "Good Health" which you can check out here.

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