Trigger The Degeneration

Posted by AP on 14/02/10

Trigger The Bloodshed will embark on a UK/Ireland tour dubbed Degeneration this summer, with support from Bleed From Within and The Dead Lay Waiting (time to own up to your friends' praise boys):

May 20th - Paris, Huddersfield, UK

May 21st - Hustlers, Dundee, UK

May 22nd - Classic Grand, Glasgow, UK

May 23rd - Tunnels, Aberdeen, UK

May 25th - Academy 2, Newcastle, UK

May 27th - Well, Leeds, UK

May 28th - Sno Bar, Milton Keynes, UK

May 29th - Ivy Leaf, Sheerness, UK

May 30th - Freebutt, Brighton, UK

May 31st - Railway Inn, Winchester, UK

June 01st - Cavern, Exeter, UK

June 02nd - Chords, Poole, UK

June 03rd - Islington Academy, London, UK

June 04th - Carlisle, Hastings, UK

June 05th - Face Bar, Reading, UK

June 06th - TJ's, Newport, UK

June 07th - Academy, Sheffield, UK

June 08th - Lamp, Hull, UK

June 09th - Fibbers, York, UK

June 16th - Little Civic, Wolverhampton, UK

June 17th - Croft, Bristol, UK

June 18th - White Horse, High Wycombe, UK

June 19th - Man on the Moon, Cambridge, UK

June 20th - Underground, Stoke, UK

June 21st - Satan's Hollow, Manchester, UK

June 22nd - Fibber Magee's, Dublin, IRE

June 23rd - Auntie Annie's, Belfast, UK

June 24th - An Cru Ison Lan, Cork, IRE

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