Week In Retrospect - Sunday 31. January

Posted by EW on 01/02/10

One month of 2010 gone already; one month of this new decade's 120 bitten the dust already. It seems like it's barely got going yet but it promises to be a good one, even if this week's reviewed albums doesn't conjure up the greatest quality we've ever covered. However as usual some of the poorly-graded albums have seen a great number of people take umbrage at our personal views not meeting their (usually inflated) ideas of their favourite band's worth. Seen it all before? I certainly have. Anyway, check out this week's news in the archive and don't forget to sign up with our facebook page here too.

Gig Review:

Evile @ London

Album of the week:

fun. - Aim and Ignite

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

The Reveling - 3D Radio EP [6½]

Dark Fortress - Ylem [7½]

Daylight - Sinking EP [7½]

Franz Nicolay - St. Sebastian Of The Short Stage [6½]

Vampire Weekend - Contra [8]

With Chaos In Her Wake - Treason [3]

The Argent Dawn - A Blank Eternity [4]

fun. - Aim and Ignite [9]

Versus You - The Mad Ones [7]

Falling Faster - The Getaway EP [6]

Kruger - For Death, Glory, And The End Of The World [7½]

Abraxas - Wretched Existence EP [7]

Convulse - World Without God [7½]

Rusty Eye - Rust n' Roll [4]

Rusty Eye - Stendhal Syndrome [6]

Rusty Eye - Possessor [7]

Rusty Eye - Live At The Joint MMVI [5½]

Sarah Jezebel Deva - A Sign Of Sublime [5½]

Smile Empty Soul - Consciousness [6]


Mustasch - Mustasch [6½]

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