Tom leaves Sleepmakeswaves

Posted by DR on 05/01/10

Sleepmakeswaves guitarist Tom has left the band:

Tom leaves sleepmakeswaves

Hello everyone.

Today is a very sad day for sleepmakeswaves, as we are saying goodbye to our guitarist, Tom. Although it hurts to see him go, Tom’s decision to leave has been entirely amiable. Here it is, in his own words:

After three of the best years of my life I've decided to leave sleepmakeswaves. This has not been a decision I've made lightly, and thinking back about everything we've accomplished over that time makes this decision all the more difficult. In light of this and looking forward, I believe it is the best thing for both me and the band to part ways in order for sleepmakeswaves to continue to go from strength to strength.

Over the last few months I've found myself losing the passion and fulfilment that once came so naturally through my creative output in the band. As time goes on I see my contribution to the band gradually diminishing, far short of the level it both deserves and needs. Rather than wait for this to become the case, I've decided to leave on a high note, instead remembering the great times, tunes and friends I've made during this experience.

First and foremost I'd like to thank three of the best friends and bandmates I could have ever asked for. Their tireless passion for this band has been inspirational and their efforts paramount. Will, Alex and Kid, you guys have taught me a tremendous amount about myself, about relationships and about life, qualities which I hope to retain forever. Because of you I've had the opportunity to play amazing shows with some of my favourite bands, in venues and to crowds I never thought possible.

To the friends I've made through the band, this is by no means the end. I will still be in close contact with all of you in one way or another as I myself will closely follow sleepmakeswaves as it continues to build on its success. To the bands that I've been lucky enough to share the stage with, to the promoters that have given us so many opportunities, and to the fans that have supported us so passionately, you are the individuals that quintessentially drive this band. Its future strength depends on your support through both the good times and difficult, as sleepmakeswaves turns over a new leaf before its debut album.

Until next time my friends,

Tom (Guitars 2006-2010)

For our part, all of us in the band want to give our heartfelt thanks to Tom for all he has done for sleepmakeswaves, the great times we have had, the good music we have made and everything that we have achieved together. Anyone who knows anything about the band will know how important Tom’s contribution to the band, both musically and otherwise, has been since he co-founded it in late 2006. He has always shown incredible passion and dedication, and even in leaving he acted with the band’s best interests at heart.

Tom will be sorely missed and while all of us in the band are upset to him go, we wish him the best with his future and he is still our mate. Tom, the Dubz will miss you! May your days be filled travel, j-buys, dirty bird, bree, HTC, teh funniez and the lulz, cheese and bacon chips, BM, log cabins and PS3!

Although Tom’s decision to leave has been a small setback for the band, this does not mean the end of sleepmakeswaves. We plan to consider our options regarding new talent and move on to record our debut full-length and play more shows. Here’s hoping we will not be out of action for too long and that you will be hearing from us again soon.

Much love,

Alex, Will and Kid.

This is gutting news. He was a nice guy, he always seemed to be the one who replied to comments and messages to the band. Hell, he even gave me a free CD to review. Their debut EP was better, and a free download. A very talented band, and hopefully this won't hamper them in the future.

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