Week In Retrospect - Sunday 27. December

Posted by TL on 28/12/09

Okay this is officially getting ridiculous. I just spent I-don't-know-how-long, reading through the reviews posted over the week of Christmas, all thirty-fuckin-two of them and knowing that I personally will have to commence my own sprint tonight, finishing as many promos as I can before the new year is upon us, it seems that the tide won't be stemmed for a while yet. Maybe if the lives of the Rockfreaks.net writers had anything resemblant of structure, we'd be able to pace ourselves better, but since that isn't the case, you're just going to have to tag along at out speed, or just desperately try to check up when you can. Better that than to miss out on anything, right? Anyway, remember to check out, at the very least our album of the week, this time by British upstarts Bury Tomorrow, and also keep in mind that you can regain your overview of the news, by heading to the news archive.

Album of the week:

Bury Tomorrow - Portraits

Gig Review:

Sabaton @ London

Swallow The Sun @ London

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Moloken - Our Astral Circle [7]

Nostradameus - Illusions Parade [6½]

Siamese Fighting Fish - Siamese Fighting Fish EP [7½]

Fatalist - The Depths Of Inhumanity [6½]

Coronatus - Fabula Magna [6]

The Pleasures - Oh Yeah Revolution [4½]

Adorned Brood - Asgard (Re-release) [7]

Brainstorm - Memorial Roots [6½]

Twists, Slugs & Roscoes - Naw Les Ge Dawn Vol 1 [2]

Sugar Red Drive - Sugar Red Drive [7½]

Dr. Slaggleberry - The Slagg Factory EP [5½]

Roadkill - Christmas Greeting [7]

Leverage - Circus Colossus [7]

Captain Everything! - It's Not Rocket Science [8½]

New Found Glory - New Found Glory [9]

The Lawrence Arms - Apathy And Exhaustion [8½]

Fallen Martyr - The Six Roots Of True Will [7½]

One Without - Thoughts Of A Secluded Mind [5]

The New Shining - Hedges Against The Night [6]

Incite - The Slaughter [8]

Fall Out Boy - Believers Never Die (Greatest Hits) [7½]

Human Race's Run - Conceived In The Sound Of Ultra-Violet Light [6½]

Oh, Sleeper - Son Of The Morning [7½]

Bury Tomorrow - Portraits [8½]

Magick Bullet Theory - Magick Bullet Theory [6]

Shady Lane - Between Two [6]

Goreaphobia - Mortal Repulsion [7½]

Sugar Ray - Music For Cougars [4]

Caspian - Tertia [7½]

System And Station - I'm Here To Kill EP [8]

Circle - Hollywood [6]

Nova - Nepenthe [6½]

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