Week In Retrospect - Sunday 20. December

Posted by TL on 21/12/09

Boom baby, 25 album reviews this past week, in your face, and if you think that's something, just wait for this Christmas week, where our writers, all pretty much free of whichever educational engagements have kept them occupied during December, will all scramble to wrap up as much as humanly possible before New Years Eve is upon us. It was a great week for rock, as Britain raged against the machine, making "Killing In The Name Of" the Christmas number one but that is of course not all that happened, and if you were somehow prevented from checking Rockfreaks.net every 5 minutes, remember that you can always catch up in our news archive.

Album of the week:

Moonlit Sailor - So Close To Life

Gig Review:

Takida @ Copenhagen

Frank Turner @ Copenhagen

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Heavenly - Carpe Diem [7]

Be'lakor - Stone's Reach [8½]

The Casino Brawl - Shades; Directions [6½]

Subhuman - Profondo Rozzo [7]

Same As Sunday - The Dollar For Dollar EP [6½]

Elysion - Silent Scr3am [7]

We Are Fiction - We Are Fiction [8]

pg.lost - In Never Out [8½]

Joe Becker - Hot As Love [5]

Pariah - Malignity EP (demo) [5]

Sybreed - The Pulse Of Awakening [7]

Thy Flesh Consumed - Unrepentant [6]

Mandragora Scream - Volturna [6]

Hirax - El Rostro De La Muerte [6½]

Arsonists Get All The Girls - Portals [5½]

The Word Alive - Empire [8½]

Her Only Presence - A Brand New Start [6]

Emmure - Felony [5]

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward [8½]

Engraved Disillusion - Desolate EP [7]

Caliban - Say Hello To Tragedy [7]

Mob Rules - Radical Peace [7]

Moonlit Sailor - So Close To Life [9]

Fat Wreck Chords - Wrecktrospective [9]

ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild [7]

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