Week In Retrospect - Sunday 8. November

Posted by EW on 09/11/09

Quiet week this past one. As the signs of winter begin to settle in here in London at least and the likelihood of going out becoming less and less, expect the quota of reviews and articles to increase in the coming weeks. Especially if it can be done at the expense of Christmas shopping.

For all the news that occurred this week click onwards as ever to the news archive.

Album of the week:

Bigelf - Cheat The Gallows

Feature Article:

Copenhagen Showdown #1


Rise Against

The Devil Wears Prada

Gig Reviews:

Bring Me The Horizon @ London, UK

Club Angry Music @ Copenhagen, DEN

A Storm Of Light @ London, UK

Rise Against @ Copenhagen, DEN

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Bigelf - Cheat The Gallows [8½]

This Time Next Year - Road Maps And Heart Attacks [8]

Dominic - Nord [6]

Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now [6½]

Muse - The Resistance [8]

Default - Comes And Goes [7]

Frank Turner - Poetry Of The Deed [7]

Strike Anywhere - Iron Front [7½]

SOiL - Picture Perfect [6]

Ministry - The Last Dubber [5]

illScarlett - EPdemic [6½]

Revolting Cocks - Sexx-O Mixxx-O [7]

Pearl Jam - Backspacer [8]

RX Bandits - Mandala [5]

Shadows Fall - Retribution [7]

Hittegods - You Reap What You Sow (demo) [5]

Fu Manchu - Signs Of Infinite Power [4]

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