Cult Of Luna to release book

Posted by AP on 19/10/09

Cult Of Luna are writing a short story and music to accompany it for a release early next year, which carries the title "Eviga riket" ("Eternal Kingdom"). Here's what the band had to say about it:

"The next release from Cult of Luna will be a book. A short story covering the lifes and times of Mr. Holger Nilsson, the full story behind the "Eternal Kingdom" theme. The book will be bilingual, written in Swedish and translated into English. The hardback book includes an audiobook. The narrated versions of this short story is accompanied by newly written C.o.L pieces and soundscapes. This has been a work in progress throughout the whole 2009. During the last few days we've finally recorded the music and sound parts. We're looking forward to mixing and printing soon."

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