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Posted by EW on 17/07/09

There seems to be so many different kinds of Heavy Metal movies/documentaries around at the moment. Recent times have seen the likes of "Headbangers Journey", "Global Metal", "Get Thrashed", "Heavy Metal In Baghdad" and "Flight 666" all receive positive reviews and I have some more news to report.

What may be of particular interest to certain writers on this site is the "Promised Land Of Metal", a documentary movie on how Metal has come to reach mainstream popularity in Finland. You can watch the trailer here and further information can be found here.

The coming months will see the release of "Until The Light Takes Us". It may be another documentary on the infamous Norwegian early 90's BM scene but it looks intriguing to me for sure. Check out the trailer here.

And finally, a film adaption is currently being made based loosely on the "Lords Of Chaos" book, released in 1998 and authored by Michael Moynihan. The book already has a dodgy reputation in the (black) metal world over its coverage of the aforementioned early 90's events, but with news that "Twilight" star Jason Rathbone is to play mainman Varg Vikernes (Burzum), the online metal world already has it panned and ready to be castigated. Best link I can provide is its IMDB one.

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