Darkest Hour talk new album, split with guitarist, and lots more

Posted by BL on 05/07/09

expressnightout.com recently sat down with Mike Schleibaum, guitarist for Darkest Hour to chat about their new album "The Eternal Return", their split prior to recording the album with ex-guitarist and long time member Kris Norris, and a host of other things. There is also a track by track breakdown.

Here is just a little snippet:

» EXPRESS: What really happened with Kris and Darkest Hour?

» SCHLEIBAUM: Let's put it this way: The press is an interesting place to tell the dirty insides of the way a band operates. So, in fairness to Kris and our friendship .... The problem with Darkest Hour is it's kind of like a tribe. We have the same sound guy and the same tour manager and the same merch guy forever. There's eight of us and we live in that little fuckin' van right there. We were friends before the band, and sometimes in this fucked-up world — because this is really a fucked-up world to be a touring musician. People think you're famous as shit — and you don't have no money. People think you're rich — and you can't buy a Value Meal at McDonald's.

So, it's a fucked a game to be in, and in this messed up world, sometimes real-life problems start to creep in, and it just got to the point where there were problems that were creeping into the band that didn't have anything to do with the band that got overwhelming. And from a friendship point, we were like, "Hey, man, we need a break so people can figure out what they want." And when that time happened, certain people decided that they couldn't handle what this band's about.

Check out the full thing here.

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