Aerosmith talk about new album

Posted by BL on 30/06/09

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has been interviewed by about their new album:

Yeah, we've got some great stuff that sounds like AEROSMITH — when the band plays it, there's a lot of ripping stuff and there's some great ballads. And I think the most important thing is that we were recording. And I think that's what people miss the most now is hearing a record that actually has that energy and that texture that early records had. I mean, obviously you can't go back and remake 'Get Your Wings', that's just not possible. But you could take some of that energy that we still have when we play live and the heart of playing that on a tape or a computer or MP3 or whatever is still and art, and that's not changed. And that's our goal — is to capture that energy if the band playing live and get it on the recorded medium and then into people's heads.

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