ATD-I to reform?

Posted by PP on 10/06/09

Taken from this recent interview with Cedric Bixler of The Mars Volta:

FBR: They'll probably be up for paying you a lot to reform 'At The Drive-In', like they did with Sleep at few weekends ago.

CBZ: Oh yeah, they do that right? [laughter]

FBR: But I take it you probably won't be accepting any offers on that front any time soon?

CBZ: I don't know what to say about that really. We've been making amends with a lot of the members and having some really good talks with them. And we've been trying to get our financial business in order because a lot of people have been ripping off that band really far as the business side goes. I wouldn't mind it. Y'know, it might happen, we just have to iron out a lot of personal things. A lot of it we've dealt with already and I've apologised for a lot of things I've said and the way it ended...we'll see what happens.

Where have we heard similar talk in recent years? Oh that's right. Rage Against The Machine. Remember what happened next.

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