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Posted by PP on 03/06/09

Here's a couple of presale links for the Muse European tour that become active tomorrow. Each presale starts at 9am local time unless I have indicated it with a ** in which case it starts at 10am - the general sale for tickets begins the following day for all these dates:

Finland: Click here **

Sweden: Click here

Norway: Click here

France: Click here **

Belgium: Click here

UK: Click here

Ireland: Click here (password: SYMMETRY)

The Denmark presale won't start before Friday at 9 in the morning, you'll find it at this location

I just pasted these links from the email I received, which is why the links look so strange. But they are auto-forwarding links and if I link you directly to the presale pages you'll just get an error message.

NOTE: The links will first activate a few minutes before the presale begins!

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