Week In Retrospect - Sunday 31. May

Posted by EW on 01/06/09

This has been a week of exceedingly high album ratings, as you can see below. It has also been another week with lots of albums reviewed (22) so plenty for you all lucky readers to sink your teeth into. Given the rather large variance in styles between some of the [9]'s reviewed I'm going to be democratic and award a couple the honour of Album of the Week. As you can see, they are rather good bedfellows aren't they? Noteworthy stories from the week were reported via our news stories, and you can of course check up on all of those in the archive.

Album of the week:

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

Wolves In The Throne Room - Black Cascade

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Lanterns. - Apocalypse Youth EP [7½]

Mae - (m)orning EP [9]

Wolves In The Throne Room - Black Cascade [9]

Beherit - Engram [9]

1349 - Revelations Of The Black Flame [5½]

Gallows - Grey Britain [8]

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown [9]

Debauchery - Rockers & War [3]

The Reptilian - Boys Life EP [4]

Ulcerate - Everything Is Fire [8]

Hand To Hand - Design The End / Follow The Horizon [7]

DANANANANAYKROYD - Hey Everyone! [7½]

IfIHadAHifi - Fame By Proxy [4]

Wolfchant - Determined Damnation [6½]

Icon In Me - Human Museum [5½]

Karate High School - Invaders [6½]

Birds Of Prey - The Hell Preacher [6½]

Sarke - Vorunah [5½]

311 - From Chaos [8½]

Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers [8½]

Oasis - Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants [8]

The Chariot - Wars And Rumours Of Wars [8]

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