A rare NOFX interview

Posted by PP on 06/05/09

Here's a rare interview with Fat Mike of NOFX. I say rare because he rarely does interviews, but this one is about his label Fat Wreck Chords and how they are being affected by the music industry free fall. Here's a quote:

(d)N0t: Cause you look like a spreadsheet guy.

FM: [laughs] Yeah. No, seriously, the three to four hours a week I go into Fat Wreck Chords, I really spend that time usually eating. [laughs] And hanging out by the water cooler. So, I can tell you like NOFX for instance, we had four records in a row that sold about 450 to 500 thousand copies. And then Wolves in Wolves Clothing was the first real drop we saw. That one did like 270k. And we don’t know what the new one is going to do, but our last live one did just over 100k. So we’re thinking Coaster’s probably gonna do somewhere around 200,000. So, there’s significant drops.

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