Okay, this signing makes no sense

Posted by PP on 05/05/09

Alexisonfire has signed to Roadrunner Records. That does not bode well for the band, as we remember from our interview with Brock from 36 Crazyfists last year:

RF.net: I've heard that on Roadrunner, they really pressure bands to write singles. Did you get the same kind of pressure on you guys?

Brock: Yeah, I mean, as you're young, when you're younger, and you'll write the record, they'll be like "hey, we'll put this on the radio if you sing this part instead of scream it!". And I never wanted to do it, although I was manipulated into doing it. That's the type of thing that's going on over there. And then you do it, and then you regret it, and then they don't do what they said they were gonna do. And I think that's the shittiest part about it. But you learn not to do that again, you know, and I think what I'm talking about is "Bloodwork", which they made me re-sing some stuff.

RF.net: Do you think you'll ever record that song the way you intended it to?

Brock: We did! It actually came out on the first promo. So the people that reviewed the record had it that way, and then before the record came out, they were like "hey, we'll get this to radio and you'll be rock stars"

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