Week In Retrospect - Sunday 26. April

Posted by PP on 27/04/09

Somewhat slow activivity week again for album reviews, but I'm sure that'll pick up this week. We're all working on our Groezrock article which will be published if not tonight, then at the very latest tomorrow evening. A few exciting news pieces were posted as well, check those at our news archive.

Album of the week:

Mastodon - Crack The Skye

Gig reviews:

UnderOATH @ Copenhagen

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Earth Crisis - To The Death [5]

The Urgency - The Urgency [6½]

Isis - Wavering Radiant [6]

Submission - Code Of Conspiracy [5]

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse [6]

The Cutest Babyhead Ever - Panoply EP [3]

Terminal - Bring Forth The Few [6]

The Postbox Theory - Experiment #1 [5]

Youth Dekay - Goodbye Cruel World EP [4]

Agathodaimon - Phoenix [8]

Mastodon - Crack The Skye [10]

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