Metal in the Middle East

Posted by EW on 20/04/09

A very interesting mini-documentary caught my attention earlier today on the usual metal round-up I like to do. Featured on the English-speaking version of the Arab news channel Al Jazeera was a 20 minute analysis of "the story of metal in the Middle East" on "Playlist" which serves to expose the stories of various forms of music. Both as an introduction to a few bands this is interesting, as well as to see the obvious disadvantages any metal band suffers coming from that region. Also plain to see to anyone who watches is just how widespread and determined is the support for metal the world over in a way that I honestly believe no other form of music can rival. Prominantly featured are Bilocate, a Jordanian band I was so impressed with it at the end of last year and whom are wholly deserving of your attention.

View the two parts here and here.

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