So many new albums to get stoked for in June

Posted by TL on 16/04/09

Drop Dead, Gorgeous will release their next album "The Hot N' Heavy on June 2nd. The tracks will be as follows:

1) Killing a Classic

2) Southern Lovin’ (Belle of the Ball)

3) Beat The Devil Out Of It

4) Two Birds, One Stone

5) Sue Simmons! Watch Your Mouth

6) Fame

7) (The) Internet Killed The Video Star

8) Can’t Fight Biology

9) There’s No Business Like Snow Business

10) Interlude 1

11) Dirtier Than You Want To Know

12) We’re Planning, God’s Laughing

Seven days later, on June 9th, He Is Legend will also be dropping their third LP called "It Hates You", including the following tracks:

01) Dicephalous

02) Party Time!

03) Everyone I Know Has Fangs

04) The Primarily Blues

05) Cult of She

06) Stranger Danger

07) Don't Touch That Dial

08) Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

09) Future's Bright Man

10) China White III

11) That's Nasty

12) Mean Shadows

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