Buddy owns Brokencyde

Posted by TL on 17/03/09

All sane people hate Brokencyde, including Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail. The two bands are currently on tour, and every night Buddy has the nerve to trash-talk the support band. Here's what he recently had to say about that;

Yeah, I slam them every night because in no way, shape or form do I back anything they do or say and I am embarrassed that kids these days are into it and am sad that kids these days are exposed to it. There is absolutely no substance whatsoever in their songs and no passion in anything they do. It is the musical equivalent of a snow cone, bland tasting frozen tap water loaded with sugar, yet colorful, that will give you a brain freeze, melt all over your hands leaving yourself dissatisfied and sticky. They seem like pretty harmless guys but if I don't voice my opinion on what I think about Brokencyde then I have no right to ever speak up about any other injustices to the music scene in the future. There are only going to be more Brokencydes in the coming months with Millionaires, Breath Carolina and countless other mindless white suburban hip-hop "acts" popping up. I never thought Id say this but this new wave of horse shit makes me look back and not hate Atom and His Package because at least he was original. I know I am not going to change anything, there will still be 14 year old girls that like their colorful merch and there terrible club beats but if I can make one person at least question the authenticity and integrity of singing the words "let's get freaky now, let's get fucking freaky now" then I think it is well worth the effort.

As usually Buddy proves, that just because he can't sing, it doesn't mean he can't be right.

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