Week in Retrospect - Sunday 8. March

Posted by PP on 09/03/09

I'm a little late (once again) with this one. Loads of album reviews, a couple of gig reviews this week. Especially our review of The Burning got some hate in the comments, remember people that it's just one opinion among many. As for news coverage of the week, read more in our news archive.

Albums of the week:

Lamb Of God - Wrath

Bomb The Music Industry! - Scrambles

U2 - No Line On The Horizon

Gig reviews:

Children Of Bodom @ London

Rise Against @ Portsmouth

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Acres Of Lions - Working [6½]

Colon Open Bracket - Kawaii [6]

The Burning - Rewakening [4]

Syracuse Me - Out With The Old, In With The Dudes [7½]

Mind Odyssey - Time To Change It [3]

Crimfall - As The Path Unfolds [6½]

Nachtmystium - Worldfall [7]

Malefice - Dawn Of Reprisal [5]

Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught [5]

Lunatica - New Shores [7]

Various Artists - Take Action! Volume 8 [7]

U2 - No Line On The Horizon [8]

God Forbid - Earthsblood [6]

Bomb The Music Industry! - Scrambles [8]

5 Star Grave - Corpse Breed Syndrome [6½]

Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw [8½]

Isole - Silent Ruins [8]

Throne Of Katarsis - Helvete - Det Iskalde Mørket [6]

Lionheart - The Will To Survive [6½]

Outclassed - This Might Be Coincidence... EP [7]

Lamb Of God - Wrath [8]

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