Word from Halifax: "We're still alive!"

Posted by TL on 07/01/09

Halifax recently updated their myspace blog to let us all know what's going on with them. You can just read it here though;

I'm sure the question on all of your minds has been, "what the hell happened to our favorite band, Halifax"? So here it is... 2008 was not totally uneventful musically, but very frustrating as it was filled with legal battles, line up changes and sitting around waiting. The fact that we were forced to sit home for a year, opened our eyes to the music industry but has prepared us for big plans in 2009 (so maybe it was a good thing). We finished recording our new album (currently untitled) and in November we rocked Australia with the new line up. We are parting ways with our label Drive Thru which means we will be free agents in the new year, shopping our new album to new labels. Once we get picked up, we will have a release date set in stone for all of you waiting for our new music. We plan to start touring again in early 2009, promoting our new music. So sorry for the wait, it's been hard on all of us but we promise the Halifax machine will be in high gear in the new year. Thanks for sticking with us, we won't let you down. So be on the lookout for further updates on new music and tour dates. Happy holidays Halifans, we'll be seeing you in 2009!

-Chris Brandt


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