Fall Out Drama

Posted by TL on 07/01/09

If you can't get enough of Fall Out Boy maybe you'd like to read Blender's recent article on them, and maybe then you can understand the rather negative response it got from drummer Andy Hurley through his Twitter


Hurley's Response:

everyone, the blender article is pure bullshit. its sensationalist bullshit made up to sell a story. its out of context quotes and it sucks-a

there was no secret breakup. its all bullshit they made up for a story. they just tear pete apart on bullshit and twist our words. im not super stoked with how that article came out. it makes charicatures of us all. it makes me look crazy. -a

i never hit a door for 45 seconds. i may have been yelling, like all my friends and i do, but if i did anything that crazy, it was as a joke for everyone there-a

ok, i just read the whole blender article. its not as bad as i thought, and as you guys made me feel it would be. it is misrepresenting us GROSSLY. but, mainly just pete. and that infuriates me. and the joe part, about him feeling like not a part of the band...i know that was COMPLETELY taken out of context. it wasnt said like that, and wasnt meant like that. weve talked about it. and pete was not acting like any of how he was represented. not at all. i was there. that makes me mad. that being said, i dont think i was actually represented that bad i didnt take the suicidal thing as being written in a serious way...but it is a dumb thing to write in an article a bunch of ppl who dont personally know us will read, and who take it as the gospel truth of what happened. so that was bad..but i know it was meant jokingly anyway, fuck that article. its dumb. nothing to get bent out of shape over. listen to both 'the solution' records. amazing soul band featuring nick 'royale' andersson from the hellacopters/entombed. fucking amazing. -a

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