Posted by AP on 26/11/08

The staff of are proud to issue you, our readers, a formal invitation to a Christmas luncheon (Julefrokost) on the 19th of December.

We feel that, given the growing popularity of this site and, well, the fact that our frequent staff get-togethers are always a blast, this would be our thanks for showing us continued support and making it all worthwhile.

This is a BYOB & BYOF event, and although it is likely that as the evening progresses, so will our generosity, we expect all attendees to contribute to a buffet with enough food and drink of your own choosing (though a Christmas course would be preferred) to cater for a few people; or at the very least, for yourself.

The luncheon will take place in central Copenhagen, starting tentatively at 18:00, and a bar crawl dotting some of our favorite spots in town will follow from 22:00 until the early hours.

If you would like to attend, even if it's just to meet us on the bar crawl, please voice your interest in a mail to, and remember to include your full name. We will then reply with contact details and other information that you will need.

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