Week In Retrospect - Sunday 19. October 2008

Posted by TL on 20/10/08

Week In Retrospect - Sunday 19. October 2008

This last week we picked up speed, as yours truly led the charge with eight album reviews and a new feature article for the frontpage. Great news came in form of some concrete details on Guns 'N Roses' new album and Metallica revealing Danish tourdates, just to name some. Also there was a good handful of albums that managed to excite our different scribes, so if you didn't manage to follow everything that happened, here's your weekly roundup:

Album of the week:

Septicflesh - Communion


Backyard Babies

Gig Reviews:

Elliot Minor @ University, Southampton, UK

Album Reviews: (by date)

Abigail Williams - In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns [8½]

Bayside - Shudder [8]

The Haunted - Versus [7½]

My Awesome Compilation - Frontiers [7]

The Maple State - Say Scientist EP [7½]

Drive Like Carson - Livin' Big [4]

Sky Eats Airplane - Sky Eats Airplane [6½]

The Wraiths - The Tragical Tale Of Wednesday The Ectoplasm [6½]

The Shiver - Inside [5½]

Chemical Vocation - A Misfit In Progress [6½]

The Vines - Melodia [7]

Septicflesh - Communion [9½]

Armor For Sleep - The Way Out Is Broken EP [7½]

MUTE - The Raven [6½]

A Kid Hereafter - YO! [9]

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