Pretty lame reason to get fired off a band?

Posted by PP on 02/10/08

MyChildren MyBride has fired their guitarist Kyle Ray because of a difference in religious beliefs. Click read more for the statement:

"We know a lot of you have been hearing rumors, and reading stuff on myspace, and we're sad to annouce its true; Kyle Ray has been dismissed from his position in MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE.

Please allow us to explain...

MCMB has made the decision that we would progress more as a christian band without Kyle. His personal decision for a lack of faith never hindered the band because of our previous views on being a "christian" band. We were just a band with positive, uplifting lyrics, that never shoved anything down anyones throat, not to say we're going to do that now...but because his morals mostly lined up with ours, and as most of you all know hes a genuinely good person, it worked; and we think that because he was in the band for so long we gained alot of respect from a lot of our fans.

After touring this summer God really revealed a lot to us, and we really feel we're suppose to be more then just another band with christians in it, that barely say anything on stage or do anything to portray a christ-like image. We are about to be part of the front line, for a huge movement for God.

"We love that we have diverse fan. We've even had god free kids singing along on the top of pile ons. It doesn't change the way we think of anyone. We don't judge anyone and we never will. Kyle's choice in religion has no effect on the way we feel about him as a person. We've all been praying for Kyle since day one and always will be. I love the guy. And I'm sure he will be in another band that we will tour with. Bottom line is that there are no hard feelings or bitterness between us. I hope and pray that Kyle finds the band he was meant to be in. We wish nothing but the best for him." says Robert, guitarist of MCMB.

"If everyone isn't on board and ready to move forward spiritually then we felt MCMB couldn't continue as a christian band. I feel like thats what this band was made and designed for, thats why we've made it as far as we have! Kyle is one of my best friends, and trust me, this decision sucked. but just made sense for a lot of obvious reasons ... I wish i had an awesome analogy that made understanding this easier, but i'm drawing a blank... I hope you guys also understand we're not going to bore everyone with more "preaching" then songs... thats not the case at all, but its always nice to have the freedom to share whenever we feel to. " says Matthew, vocals of MCMB.

Statement from Kyle:

"Mychildren Mybride has been inspired to go in the direction of the more heavily Christian bands of our genre and incorporate more ministry into their music/live show etc... With this choice being made, it was also decided that the band couldn't move into that direction without everyone being on the same page spiritually; myself, being an atheist, am obviously not. So after 5 years of peaceful coexistence I, one of the founding member of MCMB, have been let go from my position in the band. MCMB will have a fill-in for the upcoming tours so if you were planning on attending a show no need for a change of plans. As for myself, if any well established band is in need of a guitarist I'm interested in continuing my music career. I'm open to most any genre and am not opposed to relocating. Just message me with offers or information about bands that need a position filled; full-time touring bands only please."

(Contact Kyle at

We really hope that all of you understand there is no bitterness between us and Kyle. It was great sharing the stage with Kyle for the past 5 years. We have many memories. We're still the best of friends and will do everything in our power to help him find a new band. We love him very much, and we know all of you do as well.

Thanks so much for continuing to support MCMB!!! We've already started writing new material for our next album, and have a lot of AMAZING tours lined up we can't even announce yet! SO PLEASE keep checking out our myspace for updates."

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