A Wilhelm Scream to record in January

Posted by PP on 23/09/08

A Wilhelm Scream has released some details on the writing process for their next album. Click read more to see their statement:

"Writing time is my favorite part about being in a band. I love writing new songs with my friends and this is the second time writing with Brian and I am really looking forward to watching he and Nick further develop writing their parts together. This will be the first time writing with Mike (the fastest and flashiest player I've ever been in a band with since Brian) and I know he writes alot of material which is a new thing for me to have so much input already coming from the other players. I am stoked about it. Mike's songs are probably gonna necessitate me practicing my instrument which is nice. Dick! I know Nuno's been writing some lyrics so it will be great to have some more material come from him as I enjoy his writing when it comes. As for myself, I have alot of ideas brewing and alot of words written. All I need is a couple late nights to drive around New Bedford by myself to put some of them together. New Bedford inspires these songs in a way that I can't really explain. It's good to be home.

I have a feeling we're gonna have a fuckload of songs. We got like five going already (and a few that didn't get recorded for the last album which we're revamping), so we're looking at doing a few AWS projects that should be a blast to put together. Fuck, I even wanna do a covers record, I think that would be an interesting collection of songs! One thing at a time though, I'm rambling. That's why this is a blog. Fuck off.

So the next full length will be recorded in January at the Blasting Room with Bill and Jason once again. Once we have the label(s) figured out, you'll hear it here first, but I'd expect the new album in the Spring. (Start searching the pirate mp3 sites now.)"

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