Maynard has found Jesus? Or not? wtf?

Posted by xre on 07/04/05

On March 31st Tool posted on their official website that Maynard has found Jesus, which would result into Tool's new album being put on hold for the time being. We actually wrote about that on but removed it as an April's fool. But now, several of the mainstream medias, including MTV's Kurt Loader, have contacted Maynard and asked whether or not it is true. On a message dated April 5th, Maynard replied:

"I did, in fact, find Jesus. More news to follow. God bless ya."

As fans of Tool and A Perfect Circle, we are really confused about what's going on. Tool's management hasn't been reached for confirmation by any news sites. We are still hoping for the best. And to quote our staff member MS, "and why the hell can't he make music cause he found jesus? is he gonna be praying 24/7 or what?"

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