IFPI graduated response to Denmark?

Posted by PP on 15/09/08

IFPI, the organization fighting against copyright infringement in music, has left a law proposal in the Danish ministry of culture, which suggests that the "Graduated Response System" should be taken into use in Denmark.

Basically it is an automatic piece of software that scans peer-to-peer networks of illegal files, then downloads a piece of the file to check if they match with one of the copyrighted files in its database, and if it does, it sends the IP address of the user automatically to the internet service provider. According to the law proposal, the internet service provider is then required to give a warning to the user who is sharing illegal content online. After three warnings, the ISP must shut down the internet connection from the user. Those who can understand Danish can read more about the proposal here.

I don't think I need to mention the privacy and other issues involved with this case, so now is the time to write to your local member of parliament or alternatively directly to the ministry of culture and tell them what you think about this proposal.

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