Uncommonmenfrommars European tour

Posted by PP on 08/09/08

French punk rockers Uncommonmenfrommars will tour across Europe this fall. Failsafe are supporting on many dates, but check from the venue if they're on your date as there are some days they aren't on the bill. Dates and venues as follows:

September 16th - Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart, GER

September 17th - Altes Wasserwerk, Lörrach, GER

September 18th - Silo1, Töging, GER

September 19th - Parabole Festival, Bole, SWI

September 20th - Animal house, Donaueschingen, GER

September 23rd - Cassiopeia, Berlin, GER

September 24th - K19, Kassel, GER

September 25th - Weberei, Gutersloh, GER

September 26th - Juz, Leer, GER

September 27th - Le Grillen, Colmar, FRA

September 28th - Passagers du Zinc, Besancon, FRA

October 3rd - SDF, Ugine, FRA

October 8th - Juz, Alfeld, GER

October 9th - Bibelot, Dordrecht, NL

October 10th - Groene Engel, Oss, NL

October 11th - Bunker, Glabbeek, BEL

October 12th - De Bliskem, Den Helder, NL

October 15th - Underground, Cologne, GER

October 16th - Druckluft, Oberhausen, GER

October 17th - Goin, Isny, GER

October 18th - Mokka, Thun, SWI

October 24th - Le bikini La Furia, Ramonville, FRA

October 25th - Le Mediator, Perpignan, FRA

November 7th - L'Orange Bleue, Vitry le Francois, FRA

November 8th - La Cigale, Nyons, FRA

November 15th - Usine A Gaz, Nyon, SWI

November 22nd - La Fourmi, Limoges, FRA

November 25th - Le Cabaret Electric, Le Havre, FRA

November 26th - La Boite A Musique, Issoudun, FRA

November 27th - CCO, Villeurbanne, FRA

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