Join the 'Stamp Out Inferior Metal' campaign!

Posted by EW on 06/09/08

Witness this hilarious and interesting (publicity) stunt concocted by the Irish thrashing boys Gama Bomb ahead of their upcoming tour across Europe with Bonded By Blood, by partaking in the 'Stamp Out Inferior Metal' purification of your record collections at one of the shows listed in our Tour Dates section.

Explains singer Philly Byrne: "The right to listen to neck-snapping turbo-charged metal is under threat. Gloomy, posey, idiotic metal stands between us and true enjoyment of thrash. We're all guilty of having bought some rubbish, not-quite-up-to-the-mark 'metal' records at some point in our lives, but it's time to root out those embarrassing t-shirts and albums and posters — because Gama Bomb are offering YOU a chance to wipe the slate clean."

To join in, make your way to one of the stops on the tour armed with any old nu-metal, emo or 'inferior' metal albums/shirts you have stashed away to be "ceremoniously smashed, stamped on, frisbee'd and generally destroyed as part of the set, live onstage."

Quite how this will work I've not a clue and many will disagree at the politics behind the idea, but as publicity stunts go, well done to the boys!

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