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Posted by TL on 24/08/08

After pulling the old rack 'em up and shoot 'em down on some of my less interesting promo-records last night, I'll be taking a break from bringing you any malicious reviews today. Instead, here's a list of tracks from my playlist for you to check out;

Circus Circus - Fact Monster

Circus Circus - India

The Academy Is - His Girl Friday

Dance Gavin Dance - Alex English

The Automatic - Steve McQueen

Open The Skies - A Silent Decade

Open The Skies - He Spoke Of Success

Brigade - Pilot

Finch - What It Is To Burn

Fightstar - Deathcar

Fightstar - Where's The Money Lebowski

Fellow scribe AP also brings us his playlist;

All Shall Perish - Black Gold Reign

All Shall Perish - Awaken The Dreamers

Bring Me The Horizon - The Comedown

Bring Me The Horizon - It Was Written In Blood

Cry For Silence - A World Benign

Cry For Silence - Il Sipario

Less Than Jake - Does The Lion City Still Roar?

Misery Signals - A Certain Death

Path Of No Return - Broken Dances

Scamp - Dilemma

Scamp - Pros And Cons

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