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Posted by TL on 23/07/08

Seeing as there doesn't seem to be much going on in the scene today that's worth updating you guys about, I got the totally random idea that I'd post a list of songs I'm serial-raping at the moment. Maybe you can get inspired. Metal-fans will be disappointed though, as things are a bit om the screamo side at the moment. Maybe things will change before good ol' PP returns and catches me doing this though, so remember to stay tuned here.

Alesana - A Most Profound Quiet

Emanuel - Soundtrack To A Headrush

Elliot Minor - Parallel Worlds

Elliot Minor - The White One Is Evil

Weezer - King

A Skylit Drive - Eris And Dysnomia

A Skylit Drive - I'm Not A Thief, I'm A Treasure Hunter

akissforjersey - Parallel

akissforjersey - Believe

akissforjersey - The Fire

The Gaslight Anthem - We Came To Dance

Raunchy - The Bash

Raunchy - Warriors

Hope that'll inspire you if you've been having trouble filling up your playlist lately.

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