Mega-update today!

Posted by PP on 19/12/07

As you might or might not have noticed, I've spent the last three hours making massive additions to the site. Check out our release dates and tour dates sections for massive additions. Don't forget that we update these daily as well, even if it's not always mentioned on the main site.

On top of that, I've posted a million news items today so click on the news archive link either above or in the menu to see those that have already dropped below the bottom of the page, so to say.

Also, we've been busy when it comes to adding interviews and gig reviews as of late (not to forget album reviews), and to make sure you've caught them all here's a summary:

Gig reviews:

Silverstein @ Copenhagen, DEN

The Black Dahlia Murder/Job For A Cowboy @ Portsmouth, UK

The Black Crusade feat Machine Head, Trivium, Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Shadows Fall @ Copenhagen, DEN

Motörhead @ Copenhagen, DEN

The Wonder Years @ Kingston, UK


Shai Hulud (Matt Fox)

The Black Dahlia Murder (Bart)

Motörhead (Phil)

More to come soon: a ton of album reviews, Dragonforce interview, The Ocean interview, Blessthefall interview, Trusted Few interview, and a Puto Diablo, Trusted Few, Knife Of Liberty gig review.

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