The Hanuk-Comp: From The Dreidel To The Grave

Posted by DY on 07/12/07

Fat Wreck Chords are currently streaming a compilation of mostly unreleased tracks right here, apparently to celebrate Fat Mike's appreciation of Hanukkah. It features the following tracks:

1. American Steel - "Mean Streak"

2. Anti-Flag - "Good ‘N’ Ready"

3. Joey Cape - "Burn That Bridge When We Get To It”"

4. Dead To Me - "Desperate Men" (Live)

5. The Flatliners - "This Respirator"

6. Good Riddance - "Not So Bad" (Live)

7. The Loved Ones - "Pretty Good Year"

8. Mad Caddies - "Ridin’ For a Fall" (Remix)

9. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - "The Boxer"

10. NOFX - "Whoops I OD’d" (Live)

11. Only Crime - "What We’ve Become"

12. Rise Against - "Minor Threat" (Live)

13. Smoke or Fire - "This Sinking Ship" (Demo)

14. Strung Out - "Novella"

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