Flood of reviews

Posted by AP on 17/04/07

It seems we've hit quite a vein of creativity and motivation these days, and as a result, reviews are being spammed faster than even daily users might be able to keep up with.

If you don't want to miss out on anything, remember to drop by often, as well as checking out the 5 "New Releases" that were posted just before the ones on the frontpage. Note also that there's a one review gap between the frontpage and the release page, meaning that one review will always be floating between those two.

If you by now realize that you're completely lost, you'll be happy to know that we're hoping to implement a possibility of sorting our releases by the date of their posting next time the site is updated. Until then however, here's the list of cd's that so far compose the review-wave

With Passion - What We See When We Close Our Eyes

The Devil Wears Prada - Dear Love, A Beautiful Discord

Chevelle - Vena Sera

Alabama Thunderpussy - Open Fire

Shadows Fall - Threads Of Life

Compos Mentis - Gehennesis (The currently 'floating' one)

Thought Chamber - Angular Perceptions

Edu Falaschi - Almah

From Autumn To Ashes - Holding The Wolf By The Ears

Symphorce - Become Death

See You Next Tuesday - Parasite

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