Quote of the year (2006)?

Posted by PP on 05/01/07

From positive hardcore band's Good Clean Fun's song "What Corporate Rock Can't Say":

"You end up spending all your fight to keep your place under the light / In front of new kids who don't seem concerned / So we must teach them what we've learned / When you're diy you don't have to apologize, you can cut the ties / When you're diy there's no need for compromise, you can be yourself

They can't take it away: punk will scream what corporate rock can't say

It never works to play their game, things always turn out the same / Times have changed but it's still not funny / They turn rebellion into money

When money's involved, morals are pliable / You can't be punk and commercially viable / No message survives, once it becomes buyable / If you want to make a difference keep it diy-able

It's time to give a second thought to what's been gained / And now what's been lost, once punk was young and dangerous / But now that's all been taken from us / By an industry a billion dollars strong / That still has nothing on an old school singalong / We can fight, and we can win, it's time we start this over again"

If you don't have their album "Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place" it's time to get it now.

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