Coldplay live on TV

Posted by PP on 19/12/06

From the Coldplay mailout:

In March 2006, Coldplay's Air Canada Centre show in Toronto was filmed in HD quality by more than 20 cameras. Director Hamish Hamilton has now crafted the footage into a 60-minute film which is being shown by TV stations across the globe (billed by some as 'Coldplay - How We Saw The World'). Here is a list of the upcoming transmission dates:

December 23 - HBO Eastern Europe

December 18 - RTE Ireland

December 31 - 3Sat Germany, AB Sat France

January 5 2007 - YLE Finland

The film is also due to be shown by Korea's Orion Cinema Network between Christmas and New Year, with Australia's XYZ and the UK's Channel 4 set to broadcast it early in 2007.

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