Big changes for Kneehigh

Posted by DY on 11/12/06

Kneehigh have decided that due to dramatic changes both in their musical direction and as individuals, they are going to wipe the slate and start over with a new band name and sound. The band issued a statement on their myspace:

"Hey all! Well its time to tell you all whats going on with us as its been a mad month! So the bad news first... we aren't going to be playing as kneehigh anymore. After months of discussions and such we've decided to call it a day as kneehigh and start something fresh and new. We are changing our name and will not be playing any of our songs from the Kneehigh era anymore. Its been bloody good fun but we are heading in such a different direction musicly and as people that we feel that we need to start a fresh with something new! The good news is that this isn't the end but the begining of something much much better - we promise. There will be updates on what we are doing from this site and our blog which is coming soon.... and as soon as we are ready we will reveal our new name and songs!"

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