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Posted by PP on 03/11/06

In case you haven't been following the scene lately, here's a brief summary of the quarrel between these two bands. First, FFTL's lead singer Sonny hurt his vocal chords and wasn't going to be able to sing on the great tour (Atreyu, Every Time I Die, Chiodos, From First To Last). Then the Chiodos frontman agreed to do two sets each night and fill in for Sonny (great replacement by the way!). However, Atreyu didn't like this and kicked the band off the tour, after which FFTL tried to sue them and sounded deeply disappointed in their Myspace statement. Here's Atreyu's final statement:


This will be the final post made about the From First to Last issue...

Atreyu has been portrayed in a terrible light during the course of this, and we're tired of it. We felt the need to make one final post including the honest truth about the issue.

Due to Sonny..s vocal problems forcing him to leave the tour, FFTL would become an incomplete band. In the business of touring, from personal experience, and with the help of management (we have the same management as FFTL mind you), we came to the industry conclusion: ..incomplete band, incomplete money... We offered FFTL (minus the lead singer) a MORE than appropriate amount of money, whereas most other bands would have just asked them to leave all together. The amount was MUCH MORE than we ever got on a tour as a support band (when we had sold many more records than FFTL has now and when the headliner..s were much larger than our band is now.) FFTL responded to this by saying they were going to bring Sonny out as a guitarist and have Craig from Chiodos sing their set so they could get paid as they had with Sonny singing... For one, if you cared about your singer at all he should be at home, resting, not playing guitar just so your band can make more money. Two, we didn..t want Craig to sing two sets a night and hurt his voice, forcing both bands to have to drop off (regardless of whether he said he's done it before or not)... They, unfortunately, declined this offer.

At this point we were sad because all ever tried to do was help FFTL... put them on numerous shows (ie. our halloween show last year, a tour in Europe and this tour). So in turn we get repaid with the threat of a lawsuit and public slander of us as a band and as people. We also found it disturbing that they referred to our actions as ..Malicious Intent.. when all we tried to do was approach this issue with the highest level of maturity and professionalism. They were the ones who publicly bashed us and claimed (among other things) that they didn..t know why they were kicked off the tour, as though it were a spur of the moment, one-sided decision... Coming from people we considered ..friends.., we were greatly disappointed. Take note: they also declined to scale down their brand new top of the line bus, extensive crew, and trailer "studio" to make this still generous guarantee even more accommodating. Thus proving that they didn't exactly do "everything they could to stay."..

The breaking point came soon after when they turned down our offer and Matt Good (guitar player) threatened to sue us, our manager (who is their manager too), and our booking agent if we didn't pay them their original amount. If your band doesn..t have their singer (and their singer is a huge part of that band), you shouldn..t do the tour, right? We were very, very generous in giving them a chance to stay on the tour. Most bands wouldn..t have... At this point we decided that we didn't want a money hungry band on the tour and definitely not one that was threatening us with a lawsuit. We play music for the love of it. For the way it makes us feel. We don't appreciate or enjoy the company of bands that are in this for the rock star life and the money. We never wanted to get into details but were forced to address the negative feedback that resulted in the absence of FFTL on this tour. Still, we wish Sonny Moore the best and hope he has a speedy and full recovery. As for the rest of the band: I hope one day you will realize that being cocky and greedy will get you nowhere but back home...

We hope you all understand our side of the story. We hope this clears up any confusion anyone may have on this issue. This tour has continued and will continue to be great fun with our great friends Every Time I Die and Chiodos. Thank you to all the people that are still coming to the shows and having a wonderful time with us.

With Love and Sincerity,

Brandon, Marc, Alex, Dan, and Travis


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