A Wilhelm Scream - UK Return

Posted by DY on 10/10/06

A Wilhelm Scream have announced that they will be coming back to the UK in early 2007 for a new tour. The band is currently working on their new album, which will be finished before the tour. The bands official post reads:

"So we just got back from the Rise Against Europe/UK tour and it was super! Cheers to everyone who came to the shows and Berri Txarrak for being great and RA for bringing us out there to play for all of ya'll. Many of you have been asking about when we're coming back for a headliner and it looks like it will probably be in January and if I have my way we'll be bringing along a really cool fellow U.S. band or two with us, so stay tuned for more on that as it develops.

So now we write the new record. It will be fast. It will be angry. It might be sexy. Hey you know that new movie that's out where the dude has to keep his adrenaline up the whole time or he dies? That's the inspirado for it. Well, maybe not but you get the idea. We'll be going into the studio to record it early next year.

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