Evile returns with "Hell Unleashed" in April

Posted by AP on 03/02/21

Huddersfield, United Kingdom-based thrash metal crew Evile will return with “Hell Unleashed” — their first full-length album since 2013’s “Skull” — on April 30th. The record will be issued through Napalm Records and it consists of the following tracks:

01. “Paralysed”

02. “Gore”

03. “Incarcerated”

04. “War of Attrition”

05. “Disorder”

06. “The Thing (1982)”

07. “Zombie Apocalypse” (Mortician cover)

08. “Control from Above”

09. “Hell Unleashed”

You can take a look at the artwork and pre-order the effort on a format of your choosing here and then watch the official music video for the titular lead single below.

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